VampireKitten ex·po·si·tion

Just clownin’ around.
Photography and makeup by me. Cosplay was created by Meredith Placko. Mask is by Dragonfyre Designs.
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My mail is the best mail. Mr Fishy agrees. #bettafish #aquafarm #timburton #bluray #peewee #marsattacks #batman #beetlejuice #corpsebride
Photography by VampireKitten

Batman is Ryan Cole of
(Don’t remove my credits please & always credit artists for their work! Love you Tumblr!)
The joker would be proud! Check out my Harley Quinn bikini. #batman #thejoker #harleyquinn

I might be a bit insensitive here so forgive me, but I am really tired of people talking about the Colorado shooting. It was a crazy person & it’s over, I feel bad enough as it is about it. News stations need to stop trying to make news about it, they don’t need to argue over why he did it or even bother his parents. I don’t need to know what kind of sick person he is or what he ate for breakfast that morning.

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Some more photos of me as Harley Quinn at Make a Wish, Walk for Wishes.

Oh Harley, I love you.
First of all, excuse the no makeup and my overly excited face. Here is a preview of my new Harley Quinn cosplay. YAY!
I was Harley Quinn last weekend for a Batman stunt show with
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