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Superhero Ariel for the Superhero Disney Princess group! 
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The more I see of this Harley, the more I am starting to like her. The art that was used for issue 1 of the reboot was atrocious, but when you actually look at her in the comic it isn’t that bad.




We Love Hero Collection from aimerfeel:

  • Plush Batman hoodie, ¥6195
  • Plush Batman lounge shorts, ¥2625

You guys, I need that plush Batman hoodie. Shit’s so fly.

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French fashion designer André launched a new collection of high-end footwear inspired by DC Comics’ very own Catwoman and Wonder Woman. While DC Comics has done previous fashion collaborations with various brands and designers such as Converse, the André x DC Comics collaboration features upscale interpretations of both Wonder Woman and Catwoman’s classic digs, in the same vein as Colette’s high fashion collection commemorating DC Comics’ 75th Anniversary last year. Available only in Europe and apparently not online, with prices ranging from 119€-159€ Euros (approximately $164-$220 US dollars), the collection includes chic oxfords decked in Wonder Woman’s color scheme with gold laces, the purr-fect pair of kitten heels (complete with cat whiskers on the heels!), a suede incarnation of Diana Prince’s signature boots, and more

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Omg yes, look at what we got! This is totally David and I!
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International Batman characters, I knew Harley Quinn was Puerto Rican… I bet Joker is too. My Joker is ;)


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Andrea Rhodes Puts a Stylish Spin on the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Cast [Art]
Do you remember how you felt the first time you saw the Caped Crusader’s new look in Batman: The Animated Series? Andrea Rhodes’ work hit us like a ten-ton mallet to the forehead when we laid our eyes on her growing sketchbook of Bat-art. It looks like a collaboration between Chuck Jones and Tim Sale, and someone should turn these concepts into an animated short.
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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 (Friday) we did an entire group of Disney Princesses as Super Heroes.
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