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Tonight is the last night to use coupon code “SAVEMYCAR” to receive 15% off my entire Etsy shop and hey look at that… I just posted new horns!

More horns (and eyes lol) listed on my Etsy, I’m having a sale right now until the end of April 21st for 15% off all items in my shop. 

Use coupon code “SAVEMYCAR” at checkout! <3

New horns listed on my Etsy, just in time for #Halloween.
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In need of horns or ears for Halloween? Just added a buttload to my Etsy shop! Use coupon code, &#8220;HALLOWEENPREGAME" for 15% off!
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Lowering some prices now that I have been buying materials in bulk and making more ears and horns. Get them while they last on the Etsy shop before Comikaze because after that, they may be gone until I can make some more. 

Devil/Demon Horns - $10
Gargoyle &amp; Twisted Unicorn Horns - $15
Plain Cat Ears - $15
Cat Ears with Fuzzy Tuft (Coming Soon!) - $20.00
Deluxe Unicorn Horn - $20.00

Get them here:
Devil horns have been posted in a ton of colors on my Etsy shop!
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Photographer: Joe Gunawan | Fotosiamo  Fhotographica
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Wicked concept.

Concept idea we were thinking about at work.
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