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I am Candace. gamer, cosplay, alt girl, pop culture & EDM addict....

I am an artist of all sorts. I work in the video game industry & I'm a video game addict.

What’s this? #hauntedmansion #hauntedmansionholiday #nightmarebeforechristmas #Disney #timburton #jackskellington #disneyparks #disneyland

Spell Block Tango, a Disney Chicago Parody. 

I LOVE my #Ariel @sephora pallet. So many wonderful colors! #makeup #disney #thelittlemermaid

It’s National Princess Week! So I’m just gonna put these here. I love bringing joy to little kids faces and so do my fellow Hero 4 Hire princesses.

Okay… Disney was clearing out their Villains stuff so I had to break down and get this on Ebay. I’m going to be the classiest villain at work. 

Mermaid at an event in the mountains. #ariel #kidsentertainment #partyentertainment #mermaid #disney

OMG So I have to share, this artist on Deviantart named DeathByBacon, drew me as Superhero Princess Ariel along with ALL of the other princesses from this year (and she’s working on coloring them all). I am so happy about this, they are super cute. Please go check out her work:

Also, please ‘Like’ the Superhero Disney Princesses on Facebook for more adorable shenanigans: