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7 Days a Ghoul Girls photoset inspired by The Ring. 
Model: Traci Hines 
Photography & Makeup: VampireKitten

Looks like something has crawled up from the depths at SteamWolf! Cthulhu Ornaments are now available!

I am pleased to announce that the all new official Ghoul Girls store is now open! I’ve added all of the leftover prints from Comikaze. Please share! I’ll be adding some official Ghoul Girls branded items very soon. Thank you for your continued support.  xoxoxo

Me @vampirekitten with our #custom #fangs from #psykicfangs!!!! I’m SO excited & thrilled w/them!!! Auughhhhh!!! #vampire #vampyre #customfangs #vampirekitten #tracihines #friendshipismagic

Our friend @vampirekitten from #ghoulgirls stopped by and braved the #horror #heatwave !! #fearnet at #sinisterpointe #darkmarket
Happy Friday the 13th! Lets all celebrate by visiting *No Shame* <3 xoxoxo

From Dusk - a From Dusk Till Dawn tribute. 

Models: VampireKitten, Foth, Blaise & Soleil Mueller.

Photography: The Hermitage Photography

Makeup: Monarch Makeup

See the whole set:


Baron Samedi

A Voodoo Loa of Death, Sex and Saturday Night.
Model: Britney Siren
Photography/MUA: VampireKitten
See the whole set on Ghoul Girls:

This set went live yesterday, I am really impressed with my photoshop this time around. I am getting way better at it. I still have a couple of sets to go up, I’ll get to that soon. I’ve been beyond busy lately. 
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