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Inspired by the work of Mucha, this headdress is a one of a kind art piece sure to turn heads at any fantasy masquerade or festival. The headdress is topped with an opalescent glittery traditional unicorn horn that measures at 4 inches in length. The overall headpiece is made with silk flowers and measures 13 inches from side to side. 

Headpiece attaches with a comb on the top and an elastic band around the neck and underside is suede.

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The best photo of my Atlantean Warrior LED crystal armor, taken by Beau Ryan. It took me several months to resin cast all the crystals and David helped me with the LED’s. The makeup took around 2 hours. 
Myself and Ruby Rocket at LOJ 2012 photo courtesy of Erzen Design for
Apparently it’s Unicorn Appreciation day! Have a pretty unicorn costume pic from LOJ a few years ago. ♥ you should also join the Unicorn Kingdom Club!

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