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I am Candace. gamer, cosplay, alt girl, pop culture & EDM addict....

I am an artist of all sorts. I work in the video game industry & I'm a video game addict.

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Mermaids! I am so happy I ran into Traci so we could do a mermaid side by side. We are almost the same type of small!

We got the rest of our photos back from SDCC and let me just say I am supremely happy how this one came out. It looks like it belongs in a magazine centerfold and I am truly impressed with the way my stomach looks in the pic (which means all my working out is paying off).

I love that you can see every feature of the cosplay in this pic.

Debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the SuperHero Disney Princess group. We started this based on some concept art we found on deviantart [link] by *kreugan and it blossomed from there. We are planning on adding a LOT more characters next year.

Ariel - Candace (Me)
Belle - Ashley
Aurora - Carla
Mulan - Nobo
Snow White - Raychul
Rapunzel - Becky
Megara - Laura
Alice - Christa
Esmeralda - Chrissy

Photography by L.Jinto
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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 (Friday) we did an entire group of Disney Princesses as Super Heroes.

Not really a makeup test, this is my normal makeup. This is for my Ariel (Hero 4 Hire and SDCC). These are unedited contact lenses in the light, DollyEye blue. They are cool, but not sure they work for Ariel… they are meant for Tinkerbell. Wig came over the weekend, it’s perfect in every way