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I am Candace. gamer, cosplay, alt girl, pop culture & EDM addict....

I am an artist of all sorts. I work in the video game industry & I'm a video game addict.

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Hey guys, I could really use your help. I made it into Myth Masque’s Costumer Challenge! It’s kind of a big deal so if you could follow this link and vote on my water dragon costume I would appreciate it. I worked really hard on this costume. #myth #costume #masquerade #fantasy #dragon #vampirekitten #mask #costumedesign #nofilter #art #design

Please vote for my Water Dragon costume once a day in Myth Masque’s Costumers Challenge!

Thank you! 

A bit about my costume: 
I used several kinds of sequined materials to make the scales and fabricate the tail portion (which you can’t see in the photo). Some are matte and others are holographic to give it a bit of shine. I made everything from scratch without a pattern. The top is lavender suede with a beaded metal trim that I can’t seem to source anymore. I hand cast all of the crystals which actually have individual LEDs with different colors in them. Each of the points on the antler/horns also have LED’s. I fabricated the mask using a method I use for all my masks (I have a tutorial if you are interested in trying it). Everything that is painted, I hand painted myself.